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Author Suzanne Tate presents fun and facts in a Nature Series which is enjoyed by young and old. She has been a resident of North Carolina's Outer Banks for 50 years and gathered much information from fishing trips with her husband and family. SUZANNE TATE'S NATURE SERIES is used extensively in schools, libraries and education departments at science centers and aquariums. Suzanne is a graduate of the University of New Mexico with a degree in anthropology/biology. Ilustrator James Melvin brings joyful life to Suzanne Tate's characters with his charming illustrations and versatile style. James resides on the Outer Banks of North Carolina where he has a studio and teaches art. He is an Art Education/Design graduate of NC A&T State University.

Crabby & Nabby
A Tale of Two Blue Crabs
All about blue crabs and their life cycle from the viewpoint of two colorful, crabby characters! This book teaches children about caring for one another.
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Billy Bluefish
A Tale of Big Blues

A tale about the trials of a young bluefish. Billy learns that it doesn't pay to be a bully!

Flossie Flounder

A Tale of Flat Fish
A tale developed around the interesting fact that a baby flounder looks different from its parents. The book promotes self-esteem.

Spunky Spot
A Tale of One Smart Fish
A young fish learns from his teacher to "just say no" to worms so he won't get hooked! This book has approval of Just Say No International.

Pearlie Oyster
A Tale of an Amazing Oyster
A story about the amazing life of an oyster and how a pearl is formed. Children learn that something good can come out of a negative experience.


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All Nature Series
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Mary Manatee
A Tale of Sea Cows
A tender story about a mother manatee and her calf. Children learn why it is important to obey their parents. Book is sponsored by the Pier Aquarium, St. Petersburg, FL.

Sammy Shrimp
A Tale of a little Shrimp
Exciting tale of a little shrimp and his big sister. This book presents facts about shrimp in simple and entertaining format.
Speedy Ghost Crab
A Tale pf Speedy Ghost Crab
Great facts about a fast moving beach dweller whose home is a deep whole in the sand.

Harry Horseshoe Crab
A Tale of Crawly Creatures
Interesting facts about the habits of horseshoe crabs and how they save human lives everyday. This book is sponsored by "Ding" Darling Wildlife Society, Sanibel, FL.

Tammy Turtle
A Tale of Saving Sea Turtles
A book full of facts about loggerhead turtles that tells how they survive with the help of protection programs. This book is sponsored by Coastal Wildlife Refuge Society, Manteo, NC.

Salty Seagull
A Tale of an Old Salt
A tale of an old bird whose wise ways save his flock. This charming story teaches children respect of elders.

Danny & Daisy Dolphin
A Tale of a Dolphin Duo
HELPFUL HUMANS rescue two young dolphins. They are taken to a science center for rehabilitation.

Melvins's Studio
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All Nature Series
Books are $5.95

Stevie B. Sea Horse
A Tale of a Proud Papa
Fascinating facts about an unusual fish that reverses parental roles. Papa sea horse nurtures the eggs!
Katie K. Whale
A Whale of a Tale
A tale based on the true story of a killer whale that followed a ferryboat. Children learn to stay away from strangers.

Perky Pelican
A Tale of a Lively Bird
Story and facts from research at a pelican rookery. Book tells how juvenile pelicans must be lively to survive.

Oopsie Otter
A Tale of Playful Otters
This warm and lively tale about river otters, animals that live in many of America's waterways. Book is full of interesting facts.

Great Sharky Shark
A Tale of a Big Hunter
Great Sharky Shark and his sister hunt for fish but young Sharky gets more than he bargains for with one meal. A piece of trash gets stuck around his head, and he nearly becomes dinner for a bigger shark.

Izzie Lizzie Alligator
A Tale of a Big Lizard
Interesting family behavior of the American alligator and how pollution affects the species. This book is sponsored by Coastal Wildlife Refuge Society, Manteo, NC.

Oozey Octopus
A Tale of a Clever Critter
Little known facts about a solitary, intelligent creature that surprises the scientific community.

Jenny Jellyfish
A Tale of Wiggly Jellies
Children are fascinated by jellyfish, but they are not really fish at all. Amazing facts about moon jellies, animals with no heart, bones or brain.

Spiny Sea Star
A Tale of Seeing Stars
All about the star-shaped creatures commonly known as starfish. A better term for them is "sea stars" because they are echinoderms, not fish. Echinoderm means "spiny skin."

Rosie Ray
A Tale of Watery Wings
Many facts about the spotted eagle ray -- an elegant creature that leaps from the water and soars like an eagle.

Skippy Scallop
A Tale of Bright Blue Eyes
The interesting story of an animal that survives because of its many blue eyes.

Sandy Seal
A Tale of Sea Dogs
Interesting and factual story about the life of a young harbor seal -- popularly known as a "sea dog."

Johnny Longlegs
A Tale of Big Birds
A beautifully illustrated book about a great blue heron that surprisingly meets a flamingo. Based on a true story.

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Lindie Lobster
A Tale of Big Claws

A colorful book about a surprisingly complex creature. Written with guidance from the Lobster Institute, University of Maine.

Perry Penguin
A Tale of a Brave Family

A beautiful book about emperor penguins and their incredible family life. Fact-checked by Dr. Eugene Kooyman of Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Crabby Swims Free
A Tale of a Close Call
Crabby and Nabby are back with a thrilling new adventure. Crabby gets caught but a little girl sets him free!

Happy Hermit Crab
A Tale of Shell Seekers
Interesting natural history facts about hermit crabs and why they must seek the safety of shells.

Charlie Clownfish & Annie A.
A Tale of Best Friends
A fascinating story of the symbiotic relationship between clownfish and sea anemones. Young children will identify with the need to have best friends.

Teena Tortoise
A Tale of a Little Giant
Captivating natural history facts about the Galapagos Islands, featuring giant tortoises and other unique species found there.

Davy Sand Dollar
A Tale of a Spiny Animal
Unusual facts about sand dollars that will educate adults as well as children.

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Wendy Whale
A Tale of a Huge Creature


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